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Allied health professions

Allied health professions include a range of jobs such as radiographers and physiotherapists, working with patients in a range of healthcare settings.

Ambulance services

The Scottish Ambulance Service ensures an immediate response to 9-9-9 emergency calls. They also transfer non-emergency patients to and from hospitals.

Business and administration

Business and administrative services makes up one of the largest staff groups in NHSScotland. These services cover a range of different occupations and professions.


The dental team supports the dentist in providing oral health services to patients, including the treatment of dental and oral diseases.

Estates and facilities

Estates and facilities employs a wide range of staff, all of whom are vital to the smooth running of healthcare properties and services throughout the NHS in Scotland...

Healthcare science

Along with doctors, nurses and other professions, healthcare science staff are essential members of today's healthcare team.

Healthcare support workers

Healthcare support workers help registered healthcare professionals to deliver high-quality person-centred care.


NHSScotland offers medical practitioners a wide choice of opportunities. There are over 50 recognised specialities, including general Practice and acute medicine.


Midwives help to prepare new parents for parenthood by supporting them in making lifestyle changes for the benefit of their future family life.


Nurses work closely with patients and their families to assess health needs, devise care plans, deliver care and monitor progress during treatment.


Optometry is a regulated healthcare profession concerned with eyecare, vision and visual systems.


Pharmacies dispense medicines and offer health advice to patients about smoking cessation and sexual health.


Psychologists work closely with patients to manage and treat their condition to improve mental health and wellbeing.