Business and administration

Business and administrative services make up one of the largest staff groups in NHSScotland. These services cover a wide range of different occupations and professions, from administrative assistants to finance officers and human resources staff to medical receptionists. Find out how you can make the most of the career opportunities on offer.

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Administrative assistant

Administrative assistants work closely with clinical and business teams to ensure the smooth running of the NHS in Scotland.

Communications officer

Communications and Public Relations (PR) staff make sure people can engage and interact with NHSScotland organisations.

Digital delivery manager

Digital delivery managers are responsible for the successful delivery of digital products and services.

Finance staff

In NHSScotland, Finance staff work in a range of roles across the whole organisation.

Health economist

Health economists use their knowledge of economics and healthcare to evaluate how resources are used within the NHS.

Health records officer

Health records officers are responsible for organising, updating and storing patient health records.

Human Resources staff

Human Resources support clinical and business operations, including staff recruitment, welfare and development.

Information analyst

Information analysts use powerful analytics tools and modelling software to analyse and interpret data.

IT service desk technician

Digital support teams help maintain hardware, software and computer networks in the NHS.

Junior tester

Junior testers' work is vital to the development and deployment of software. They report, track and fix bugs or issues.

Medical receptionist

Medical receptionists are part of NHSScotland's front line staff. They work in hospitals, or in clinics and GP surgeries.

Medical secretary

Medical secretaries work in GP practices or in hospitals, handling calls and letters for GPs and consultants.

Principal information analyst

Principal information analysts provide expert advice and guidance on statistical matters to internal and external customers.

Programme manager

Programme managers organise and lead multiple projects at once. They work to ensure consistency and quality across projects.

Project manager

Project managers lead on the delivery of projects, by managing people, tasks, costs and resources.

Project officer

Project officers schedule project tasks, negotiate with suppliers and create progress reports.

Senior information analyst

Senior information analysts lead a team of analysts, who deliver high-quality information services.

Software engineer

Software engineers use their knowledge and skills to design, code, test and maintain software solutions.

Ward clerk

Ward clerks provide administrative support in hospital departments, clinics and on wards.

User experience (UX) researcher

UX researchers research users’ behaviours and needs. They provide valuable insights into the website design experience. UX rese...