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International recruitment stories: Sabine’s nursing career journey from the UAE to NHS Fife

Sabine shares her story of relocating from the UAE to inspire other internationally trained nurses to develop their careers in Scotland.

Sabine's story

Hello, my name is Sabine. I’m a staff nurse working at NHS Fife.

I joined the team in September 2022 after moving from the UAE, where I’d lived for 10 years. Although settled there, I applied to the Yeovil International Recruitment programme. At my interview, I was selected on the spot. I was really happy when I was offered the job because it was one of my dreams to visit Scotland.

I have friends who work in Scotland. When I asked them about their experience, they told me how beautiful the country is and how friendly the people are. Having lived and worked here in Fife, I completely agree with them! I feel blessed to be able to call this place my home.

A really big challenge

Moving to Scotland was a big challenge because I’ve never been in cold weather like this before! When I moved, it was September, and everything was a challenge at first. The patients were different, the people were different, the language was different, and it was a totally different culture from the UAE. However, my senior charge nurses, charge nurse and all my team members were very supportive, friendly, and welcoming. It made me more confident and comfortable to work here. 

When my family arrived, it was a big relief for me. Initially, they wanted to go back because they weren’t coping with the colder weather. But they really like Scotland, especially now because it’s calmer compared to the crowded places we used to go. The seaside here is also beautiful, and my young daughter enjoys going to nursery.

Sabine’s motivations

I came to Scotland with my family to settle. My main goal is to provide my patients with the best quality of care and continue to grow, develop and make more meaningful progress in my life and career.

Sabine's journey from the UAE to Scotland

In this video, Sabine shares her journey from the UAE to Scotland, capturing the differences between work life and the weather. Sabine explains how supportive her colleagues at NHS Fife were when she arrived and how she and her family now love Scotland.

Find a rewarding nursing career in Scotland

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