Psychology is the study of how people think, feel and behave. Through specialist techniques, such as psychometric testing and observation, psychologists investigate the causes of behaviour and the mental processes involved. Psychologists work closely with patients to manage and treat their condition to improve mental health and wellbeing.

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Assistant psychologist

Assistant psychologists enhance the delivery of psychology services.

Clinical associate in applied psychology

CAAPs use psychological methods and research to support people to make a positive change to their lives.

Clinical psychologist

Clinical psychologists use psychological methods and research to guide clinical service delivery. Their goal is to support peop...

Counselling psychologist

Counselling psychologists work with people to treat a wide range of mental health problems and help them manage life events.

Forensic psychologist

Forensic psychologists use psychological methods to help reduce the impact of criminality and prevent future reoffending.

Health psychologist

Health psychologists are specially trained to understand the psychological and emotional aspects of health and illness.


Neuropsychologists are specially trained to assess and rehabilitate people with brain injuries or other neurological diseases.