Work placements

In most schools, you will be offered the opportunity to do a week of work experience in S3 or S4. If you have a particular NHSScotland job or workplace in mind, discuss this as soon as you can with your guidance teacher so you can find out if a work placement in this area is available.

Some schools offer longer periods of work experience, for example, extended work placements in S5 and S6.

NHSScotland work placements

During your work placement with NHSScotland, you’ll have the opportunity to observe staff carrying out tasks and activities. You may be able to carry out some tasks under supervision, depending on the area you are working in.

What can you expect from a work placement?

You will get a taste of what a job or workplace in NHSScotland is like to help you decide if a career in healthcare is for you. You will also:

  • work with other people in healthcare which will help to build your confidence
  • meet a range of people, who may be able to give you a reference in the future
  • gain skills and experience, which you can write about on future job application forms

Work placement programmes are closed at the moment, so services can prioritise patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic.