Who we are

The NHSScotland Careers website was set up to promote the range and quality of careers and opportunities available in the NHS in Scotland today. 

Recruiting and supporting a diverse workforce

The NHS is the largest employer in Scotland. Our diverse and global workforce is one of our key strengths.

NHSScotland is committed to being inclusive and representative of people in Scotland. We actively encourage applicants from underrepresented groups to bring their skills and talents to our workforce.

To support initiatives that enhance diversity and inclusion in the workplace, we work with many different organisations.


Carer Positive

We have a range of family-friendly policies that support work-life balance and the aims of the Carer Positive standard. Our goal is to support carers and allow them the flexibility they need to deliver care at home.

NHSScotland policies and practices support carers in the workplace to promote equality, diversity, and employee health and wellbeing.

Disability smart

NHSScotland is a Disability Confident employer, focused on the recruitment and development of disabled people for their skills and talent.

We promote a culture of being disability confident, including:

  • making our recruitment process accessible to disabled people
  • providing work experience, paid employment, apprenticeships and internships for disabled people
  • making reasonable adjustments when recruiting and in the workplace

All our Boards support the Guaranteed Interview Scheme. The scheme guarantees an interview to anyone with a recognised disability, if their application meets the minimum criteria.

Find out more about our application process.

NHS Professional Careers Programme

NHSScotland also supports the NHS Professional Careers Programme developed by Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living (GCIL) Equality Academy. The programme addresses the under-representation of disabled people in professional-level employment by offering paid traineeships for disabled graduates. Learn more by reading about GCIL’s Professional Careers Programme.

Disability, long-term conditions, neurodiversity, and mental health networks

Across NHSScotland, we have dedicated disability, long-term conditions, neurodiversity, and mental health networks. These networks offer peer support and inform staff campaigns and policy.

Website accessibility

Our website is created with accessibility in mind. We prioritise designing accessible and inclusive content. Find out more about our commitment to accessible content by viewing our accessibility statement.

Care-experienced young people

NHSScotland is committed to providing support and opportunities for care-experienced young people.

In 2019, NHS 24 partnered with Who Cares? Scotland to recruit care-experienced young people for Modern Apprenticeships.

Two of these apprentices shared their career stories with us:

Learn more about Who Cares? Scotland.

Ethnic minority inclusive

We seek to respect and include everyone, making sure no one is treated less favourably on the grounds of ethnicity.

At NHSScotland, we are working with Scottish Government to take positive action to encourage greater representation of the ethnic minority population in our workforce.

Across NHSScotland, we have dedicated ethnic minority networks for employees that provide:

  • peer support
  • advocacy training
  • inform policy

LGBT+ proud

Across the NHS, we want to recruit the very best of the LGBT+ community. We're committed to equality at every stage of our recruitment process.

The NHSScotland Pride Badge was launched in June 2021. The badge is worn by individuals who are aware of the issues that LGBT+ people can face when accessing healthcare.

When a colleague signs up to wear the Pride Badge, they identify themselves as someone who respects identity and:

  • is a safe person to talk or disclose to
  • is prepared to listen
  • uses inclusive language

New and existing colleagues are welcome to join our LGBT+ staff networks.

NHSScotland Pride Badge

The badge is a visual symbol, identifying its wearer as someone who is an ally to LGBT+ people.

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