NHSScotland values

The Scottish Government's 2020 Workforce Vision, Everyone Matters, sets out the core values for NHSScotland staff. They are:

  • care and compassion
  • dignity and respect
  • openness, honesty and responsibility
  • quality and teamwork

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Sharing our values

If you are considering starting or developing your career in NHSScotland, it is important to consider whether you share these values and also how they might be challenging in some situations. You can start by considering the following questions:

Do you like working with people?

Do you want to work with people every day? It is important for NHSScotland staff to always be open and caring in their contact with patients, families and the wider public.

Some health careers such as administrative officer may involve working in a team but have less contact with patients. However, all staff in NHSScotland need to demonstrate these values at work.

Are you a team player?

In NHSScotland, you must be able to work closely with others. You will have individual tasks but you are likely to work as a member of a larger team or group. Are you comfortable with communicating and collaborating with others? Think about whether you enjoy working with others.

Are you comfortable in a healthcare setting?

As a healthcare worker, you might work in a hospital, community health centre, GP practice office or provide services in people's homes. How comfortable are you when you visit a relative in hospital or attend a GP appointment?

Can you stay calm in a crisis?

Some health careers mean coping with emergencies, working long hours and /or dealing with challenging situations. Think carefully about the job you are looking for and work out of your skills, interests and values are a match for the role.

Can you be respectful towards people in need and help them maintain their dignity?

Dealing with health issues sometimes means that patients and families can be anxious, distracted, distressed or upset. They may be frightened and unsure of what lies ahead. Do you think you would be able to 'keep your cool' and help support and guide that person and their family though the process?