Returning to practice

Opportunities for staff who wish to return to working for NHSScotland vary depending on locality, profession and how long you've been away.

Often you will need to update your registration and you may need to undertake a refresher course. Sometimes there is financial assistance available, but this can depend on the role as well as the NHS board you wish to work for.

Returning to practice – Nursing and Midwifery

The Scottish Government has set up an initiative to encourage nurses and midwives to return to the NHSScotland workforce. The Return to Practice Funding Scheme, managed by NHS Education for Scotland (NES) aims to provide funding to support former nurses and midwives by paying their university programme fees.

Find out more about your return to practice.

GP returner programme

The Scotland GP Returner Programme is for GP’s who wish to return to the profession but have been out of clinical general practice for more than two years. You could be a GP returning from a career break or from working outside the UK. Funded by the Scottish Government, financial support is provided to GP’s whilst on the programme.

Learn more about the Scotland GP Returner Programme.

Change happens

Since you last worked in NHSScotland, there may have been changes in how healthcare is organised and delivered. But whether you left 2 years or 20 years ago, the difference you can make to people's lives is still as important as ever.

There's a greater emphasis on teamwork. There's a drive to increase flexibility in working hours, so it's easier to combine work with other commitments. There's more support for staff and more opportunities to develop and acquire new skills. 

To find out how you can return to the NHS, contact the HR department in your local NHS Board.