Management development

NHSScotland needs talented leaders who can demonstrate our values, help drive excellence in the delivery of services and respond to the needs of the people we care for.

Managers play a key part in our organisation. Whether they are managing hardworking staff, controlling finances or providing equipment, buildings and services, managers are crucial to the delivery of effective healthcare.


Opportunities in NHSScotland

There are lots of management opportunities in NHSScotland. For example, you could be a practice manager running a GP surgery or a chief executive controlling a large hospital with a budget of millions of pounds.

General managers cover a wide range of areas including:

  • finance management
  • strategic management
  • performance and quality management
  • service management
  • project management
  • purchasing and contract management
  • communications and corporate affairs

To find your perfect role in NHSScotland, visit our vacancies page.

NHSScotland Management Training Scheme

Through our Management Training Scheme, we are looking for those who have the passion, energy commitment and confidence to become future leaders in NHSScotland.

Current and former national trainees come from a variety of backgrounds. These include university graduates and those with previous experience in other sectors such as construction, hospitality or manufacturing. A place on the scheme is the perfect opportunity for a top-flight career in the NHS in Scotland.

Candidates must:

  • have a minimum of a 2:2 degree
  • have the confidence to work in a political and public spotlight
  • be able to act with the highest integrity, commitment and energy
  • be able to communicate and collaborate with clinicians, non-clinical professionals, and patients
  • have the ability to engage with others in decision making

Your age, when you graduated and what subject your degree is in doesn't matter. 

If you would like to become a future leader in NHSScotland and help improve the health of the population, visit our management training scheme website.