Why Scotland?

We understand that choosing the right place to live is just as important as choosing the right job. Many people who have moved from abroad to Scotland have been attracted by the opportunity to enhance their quality of life.

We are aware you will ask yourself many questions and do a lot of research before making your final decision to move to Scotland. By this stage you have probably decided why you want to make the move from your home country and now need to know what you can expect from your new home in Scotland.

Scotland’s people are well known for being warm, welcome and friendly. Scotland is a home to over five million people, and it is estimated that for every person living in Scotland, another five people living across the world have Scottish ancestry.  With such wide connections spreading to every corner of the globe, it is no wonder that overseas visitors are made to feel like they are returning home!

Work/Life Balance

Scotland offers excellent work/life balance. We care about you, your wellbeing and ensuring you have time during the working week to enjoy and experience life. Most office based roles in Scotland offer a 9am to 5pm work rota. Working within a clinical role in NHSScotland, you will be offered shift work, however there are plenty of days off scheduled in to ensure you get the chance to enjoy life.


The weather in Scotland tends to be a little bit different from other parts of UK. The temperatures are usually lower; it is more cloudy, wetter and windier at times. You could describe the climate as very changeable and sometimes you may experience “four seasons in one day” but travel a few miles in any direction and the weather will be completely different!

There is not a bad time to visit Scotland. In summer you can enjoy the very long and warm days, where the average daylight time is 17 hours. Winter is usually known for low temperatures (5°C) and exceptionally beautiful, snowy peaks and mountains. You will fall in love with the Scottish Highlands in the winter.

Please watch this quick video, which was added by Visit Scotland website, to find out more about the Scottish climate and weather.

Social Community

Depending on where you choose to set up your home in Scotland, many places offer a wide range of activities for you to enjoy on your days off or even after work, on those long summer days.

Restaurants – With such wide variety of cuisines, there is something for everyone to enjoy. You should definitely try the mouth-watering Aberdeen Angus steaks or the deep-fried goodies from your local Chip-shop.

Pubs/clubs – with the amount of pubs we have here in Scotland, you may believe that Scottish people are an alcoholic nation! Although that is not true – we are very sociable and the pubs are simply our gathering place. Each pub has its own personality, go round, explore and find your favourite!

Gym/Sports Centre – Sport plays a central role in the Scottish culture and most people tend to live an active life. There are lots of sports centres around, who offer a variety of classes and evening clubs for all ages!

Music venues – We know that nothing puts a smile on your face like seeing your favourite musician/artist live. With this in mind Scotland has built many amazing music venues, attracting a lot of musicians from around the world.  So whatever your music taste is, you’re never far away from a great gig in Scotland.

Parks/scenery – Scotland is the home of two National Parks – the Cairngorms National Park and Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park. Alongside the National Parks we also have 45 National Nature Reserves meaning that wherever you go, you won’t be far from amazing scenery, breath-taking views and exploring the wildlife. It is worth to remember that Scotland has been voted the most beautiful country in the world!

Living in Scotland with Family

Schools – Scotland is the home of first-class, world leading education, which is available to all! We use a national curriculum (Curriculum for Excellence) to emphasise inter-disciplinary learning, skills development and to encourage personal achievement in young people. It is used from nursery, all the way through Year 3 in Secondary School. This is followed by a senior phase of learning in the last 3 years of Secondary School. To find out more about early education, please visit Scotland Is Now website.

Higher education – After completing your early education you can choose to continue your education in one of our colleges or universities. Scotland’s universities are amongst the best in the world, offering wide range of degrees in areas such as life sciences, medical research and many more. Our college courses lead you straight into employment within specific industry. Colleges also allow fast track degree entry to the university.

After School Clubs – each school offers a variety of different Outside of School Care (OSC) activities. There are many to choose from like breakfast clubs in the morning, sport/art/music activities after school, dance classes etc. Children and their parents are consulted and involved in making decisions about OSC activities.  This can be a good support for childcare and a good way for your child to meet and make new friends. Contact your local school to find out more.

Social Clubs – all local councils offer a wide range of social clubs for children of all ages. They range from sport activities, drama classes, dance classes and many more. Please contact your local community to find out more.

Getting around in Scotland

Airports – Scotland has 5 main airports, offering flights to many different countries around the world. There are also 10 smaller airports, offering more localised flights.

Train Facilities – With so many places to visit, the incredible scenery and fantastic cities, there is no need to leave Scotland. It is easy to travel by train everywhere in UK as most major cities have large train stations. Rail prices are competitive and the further in advance you book your ticket, the more deals you can get.

Bus Facilities – All of Scotland’s major cities are served by short and long-distance bus services. The long-distance buses are known as coaches and they can take you on a tour across the country.


Scotland has a rich and historic culture and heritage and is a country of wonderful contrasts. Scotland is also a progressive, inclusive and forward-looking country. We welcome everyone, irrespective of their background, whether they are living with a disability, their ethnicity, religious affiliation, sexual orientation or gender.

Religion - Christianity remains the largest single religion in Scotland, however, we are home to many other religious communities, including Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh and Hindu groups.

Disability - Some 20% of people living in Scotland identify themselves as living with a long-term, activity-limiting health problem or disability.   We are actively encouraging people who work for our public services to declare where they are living with a health problem and we support an open and transparent culture in which people can bring their whole selves to work.   

LGBTI Rights - Scotland introduced same-sex marriage in December 2014 and the law in Scotland provides protection for same-sex couples including in relation to property rights and adoption.

Pay and benefits

NHSScotland staff receive a competitive pay and benefits package, including generous annual leave and pension entitlements.

Find out more about terms and conditions and pay on the NHSScotland Management Steering Group website.

Find out more about the NHSScotland Pension Scheme on the Scottish Public Pensions Agency (SPPA) website.

Additional Information

To find more information about working and living in Scotland on the websites below:

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