Vacancies in Scotland

Vacancies in NHSScotland

The International Recruitment Service in Scotland will be recruiting to a number of medical and non-medical posts throughout the year. If you do not see a vacancy for your chosen specialty, please contact the International Recruitment Service.  

There are no campaigns running at the moment. All NHSScotland vacancies are advertised on the NHSScotland Recruitment website.

If you have any questions and would like to discuss them in more detail, please contact one of the International Recruitment Team members. Contact details can be found on contact us page

Doctors grades explained 

LAS – Locum Appointment for Service – a doctor is appointed, usually on a short-term basis, to fill a gap in the service. Those appointments are for service delivery only and are not assessable for competences required in a specialty CCT curriculum.  Doctors undertaking a LAS post will be clinically supervised.

Salary range: £32,157 - £50,563

LAT – Locum Appointment for Training – a doctor is appointed on a short-term basis, to fill a gap in a training programme. The duration of this appointment is usually between 3 and 12 months (full time equivalent). Unlike a LAS post, LATs count towards a CCT. Doctors undertaking a LAT post will be clinically and educationally supervised.

Salary range: £32,157 - £50,563

Specialty doctor – Specialty and Associate Specialist - SAS doctors work across primary, community and hospital care. SAS doctors are non-training roles, which require at least four years postgraduate experience, two of which being in the relevant specialty. The BMA describes SAS doctors as Staff Grade, Associate Specialists and Specialty Doctors.

Salary range: £39,846 - £74,304

StR – Specialty Registrar – a junior doctor who has completed their foundation training but is still in training in a specialty area of medicine.

Salary range: £32,157 - £50,563

Consultant – senior doctors specialising in a particular medical field. Consultants go through the same training as doctors but are also required to have completed a minimum of six years of training in their specialty area to get their CCT and to be listed on the GMC’s specialist register.  Consultants can work unsupervised although are required to pursue ongoing education in their specialty through CPD (continuous professional development).

Salary range: £80,653 - £107,170

Locum Consultant – locum consultants are employed on a short-term basis to cover annual/study/sick or any other leave of consultants in a substantive post and also to provide cover for temporary vacancies due to staff shortages. A locum consultant position should be limited to a maximum of 1 year.

Salary range: £80,653 - £107,170

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