Become a Graduate Apprentice in NHSScotland

Completing a Graduate Apprenticeship with NHSScotland will allow you to study towards a degree while working. You’ll spend about 80% of your time at work and 20% with a university or college. This means some of the work you do counts towards your degree.

Watch Tony's video, where he explains why he wanted to complete a Graduate Apprenticeship.

Graduate Apprenticeships last from 2-4 years, depending on the level of qualification and programme of study. NHSScotland Boards work with the university or college delivering the training to decide what kind of learning timetable is best. For example, you may attend university or college once a week, or in regular block release periods for several weeks. Some learning is likely to be online.

Examples of Graduate Apprenticeship programmes available in the NHS include:

  • IT: Management for Business
  • IT: Software Development
  • Business Management
  • Cyber Security

Some of our Graduate Apprentices started their careers in the NHS as a Modern Apprentice.

Visit these websites to learn more about apprenticeships: