Thinking about becoming a doctor in the NHS in Scotland?

Do you have the desire to help and care for others? Perhaps becoming a doctor is your dream job?

Within NHSScotland, there are several different career pathways in medicine, which means there are many options available if you’re thinking about becoming a doctor. For example, it’s possible to specialise in a specific area of medicine, such as Obstetrics and Gynaecology, or to become a General Practitioner.

Rewarding career

If you are a people person, becoming a doctor could be the right choice for you! You’ll be able to help and improve people’s lives, by diagnosing and treating illness and disease. As a doctor, you’ll also work with other medical professionals and support staff to provide the best healthcare possible to patients and their families.

Applying to university

Before applying to medical school you'll be required to sit the UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT). The test is used in the candidate selection process by universities to help them make informed choices.

A Bachelor of Medicine first professional degree is awarded upon graduation from medical school in the UK. Whatever type of doctor you’d like to be, you’ll need to graduate from medical school with an MBChB Pre-clinical Medicine before you begin your training.

In Scotland, there are 5 universities where you can study medicine. As competition for undergraduate places is very high, excellent grades in science subjects such as chemistry and biology are essential.

The entry requirements for each medical school can vary. All medical schools in Scotland accept SQA Highers, usually at AAAAB or AAABB grades in S5 and SQA Advanced Highers at AB or BBB in S6. The specific entry requirements for each university, including other accepted academic qualifications, can be found on the following websites:

Although undergraduate medical education in Scotland is provided by these medical schools, clinical placements are funded by NHS Education for Scotland (NES), through Medical ACT (Additional Costs of Teaching) funding.

For information about other medical schools in the UK, including entry requirements, please visit the UCAS website.

Medic Insight

Medic Insight is a programme that offers week-long or day events to fourth and fifth-year school students in Scotland who are interested in becoming doctors. The programme allows the opportunity for these students to sit in on consultations, go to theatre and provide access to a wide range of specialities and levels of clinicians in a hospital setting.

There are programmes in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee. If you would like more information or wish to apply, please visit the Medic Insight Facebook pages: