In NHSScotland, Electricians make sure that electrical systems, instruments and equipment are safe and in good working order, as well as finding and fixing electrical faults.

I’m Peter. I’m an Electrician and I work for Astley Ainslie Hospital. I started as a mature apprentice at an Edinburgh Hospital and did my 4 years apprenticeship and I applied for a permanent job and I got the job as a fully qualified Electrician.

Because it's such a big organisation, there's so much opportunity with the NHS. We've got sites all over Scotland. We've got that constant improvement we can always achieve.

I've learned quite a lot in the last 3 years. I do surprise myself. I'm quite confident working by myself. From 3 years ago, there's no way I'd even touch anything electrical, but now...

The challenging thing for me, I must say, is the controls and fault finding. I enjoy fixing things. In enjoy problem solving as well, so working with electrics and fixing things captures my imagination. I can't see myself doing anything else anyway. I love it.

Working as an Electrician in NHSScotland, you would be responsible for essential maintenance and repair work. You would also ensure that hospital electrical systems, wiring and equipment is well maintained and in good working order. This may include specialist and life saving equipment.

You may also be called out in an emergency to repair an electrical device at a patient's home.

Electricians work alone or as part of a team with other Electricians and people from different technical or building trades.

The skills, interests and abilities you’ll need to work as an Electrician include:

  • good practical and technical skills
  • problem solving skills
  • attention to detail
  • willing to work in different environments, including outdoors
  • good communication skills
  • teamworking skills

Useful abilities include:

  • the ability to think creatively
  • the ability to work alone
  • the ability to understand instructions
  • the ability to work safely and accurately

To apply for a job as a fully qualified Electrician in NHSScotland, you will need to have a recognised qualification, such as an SVQ Electrical Installation – Level 3 (SCQF Level 7), awarded by SQA. It is also useful to have some experience in electrical maintenance activities from paid employment.

The specific entry requirements will depend on the role. The qualifications asked for may also vary depending on the recruiting NHSScotland Board. You are advised to contact each individual Board to find out its specific entry requirements.

Modern Apprenticeships offer those aged over 16 paid employment with the opportunity to train for jobs at craft, technician and management level.

Modern Apprenticeships in Engineering (Engineering Maintenance Electrical) at SCQF Level 6 or Electrical Installation at SCQF Level 7 are frameworks for people interested in working as an electrician. Find out more about these Modern Apprenticeships on the Skills Development Scotland (SDS) website:

Healthcare Support (Non-clinical) at SCQF Level 6 and SCQF Level 7 is another framework for people interested in working in a healthcare setting in a non-clinical support role. For more information about this Modern Apprenticeship framework, look at:

You will be encouraged to develop your career in NHSScotland and you’ll be given the training you need for the job including:

  • an introduction to the department and its procedures
  • health and safety
  • risk management
  • estates workbook

During your career, you may have the opportunity to study for additional qualifications, such as:

Visit the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) website to find out more about the full range of qualifications for to people working in or seeking to work in the NHS in Scotland.

Career pathways

Gaining new qualifications will help your career prospects, leading to more senior roles with a greater level of responsibility.

With further experience and qualifications, you could progress to a job as a Higher Technician or a Site Manager or Head of Facilities. A Head of Facilities manages the whole team of Estates and Facilities staff across a Health Board.

Learn more about the NHSScotland Estates and Facilities career pathways.

Electricians working in NHSScotland will be able to join the following organisations

Scottish Building Apprenticeship and Training Council (SBATC)

The SBATC regulates and monitors the working conditions, wages, recruitment and training of apprentices working in the building industry in Scotland. It is made up of representatives from industry, trade federations and trade unions. Find out more on the SBATC website:


Scottish Electrical Charitable Training Trust (SECTT)

SECTT runs the only industry approved training scheme for apprentice electricians in Scotland. Find out more on the SECTT website: