Toni, Digital Marketing Modern Apprentice, NHS 24

Hi, my name is Toni and I’m 19 years old. I was taken into care when I was 5, along with my 3 brothers. Being in care has made me want to go out and make a change, whether that’s to someone’s life or just to give back to the public.

Which Modern Apprenticeship are you doing and where are you based?

I’m doing a Digital Marketing apprenticeship and I’m based at NHS 24.

How did you first hear about the apprenticeship?

I found out about this opportunity through WhoCares? Scotland. I found the whole process very relaxing, as it was done in stages with support. I found it beneficial that we were given the questions before the interview, which took the pressure and stress off us.

When I found out that I got the job, I was over the moon as I didn’t expect it. Going into my Digital Marketing team, everyone was so welcoming and very supportive. Now that I have settled in, I couldn’t have asked for a better team. They’re all very supportive and make sure I’m ok every day. I am excited to develop my career and I’m hoping I can go on to securing a job in the NHS, as it is a great organisation to be part of.

Why did you decide to do a Modern Apprenticeship?

I decided to do an apprenticeship because I love to learn. An apprenticeship has a bonus because you can earn at the same time. During an apprenticeship, you get all the support you need when working and learning.

How has this helped you? How will it benefit your future career?

The apprenticeship has helped me learn and gain a qualification that I have always wanted to do. I hope that when I have finished my Modern Apprenticeship it will allow me to go onto a full-time job.

Tell us about a typical day

My tasks are different each day and I do a number of different things. When I come into the office in the morning, I check my emails from the day before. Once this has been completed, I have already set out my work for the week. My next task would then be updating all the metadata on the content management system we use to update the website. I also make sure there is time set aside within my working week to study for my apprenticeship.

What is the most rewarding thing about your job?

The most rewarding thing about my job is being able to help people by publishing our information on the NHS Inform website.

What are your future career plans?

My future career plans are to gain a full-time job at NHS 24, in the digital marketing team. I really enjoy all the work we are currently doing and it’s the best team, they are very supportive.