Stuart, Ambulance Technician, Scottish Ambulance Service

Stuart is an ambulance technician working for the Scottish Ambulance Service.

Watch the video below to find out how he got started in the NHS and his career journey to becoming an ambulance technician.

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Getting started in the ambulance service

Stuart always wanted to work for the Scottish Ambulance Service. Before he got started, Stuart worked in a customer service role, trying to get some skills and experience.

Stuart joined the ambulance service as a call handler in 2013 and progressed through the control room roles, including dispatch and the air ambulance desk. He then decided to get out on the road and became a trainee ambulance technician.

Ambulance technician training

Ambulance technician training takes 14 weeks. Stuart says you do 10 weeks of clinical training at a clinical education centre. After that, you'd go on and do emergency response driving training for 4 weeks, learning how to drive an ambulance.

After the initial training programme, you will spend 12 months working on your portfolio, which includes learning practical skills and developing your knowledge. During this time, you'd be supported by a mentor. You will also do 2 assessments throughout the year to qualify as an ambulance technician.

Making a difference

What Stuart likes most about the jobs is that you get to meet lots of people. Some people may not have seen anyone for a few days and they just need someone to talk to. He likes having a sense of satisfaction, knowing he's made a difference, whether that's making someone a cup of tea, or actually saving someone's life.

Stuart is now preparing to start a paramedic degree course, so he can become a qualified paramedic, registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.