Siobhain, Community Midwife, NHS Grampian

Working as a community midwife, Siobhain provides support to women and their families during pregnancy, labour and after the baby has been born.

"It’s such a privilege to be part of women and families lives at such a special time".

Watch our video to find out why Siobhain feels that being a midwife is such a rewarding job.

It’s such a privilege to be part of women and families lives at such a special time.

My name’s Siobhain, and I’m a community midwife.

So, a lot of people think that midwifery is all about looking after babies, but the word midwife actually means with women.

We do a lot of care and support with our women for the nine months that they're pregnant. Also, [we] care for them during labour, and then collectively as a mum and baby unit, we care for them postnatally.

An average working week for me is generally Monday to Friday, 8.30am till around 5.00pm. That will consist of a mixture of postnatal visits at home and antenatal clinics at my GP practice.

The skills I use as part of midwifery, there's various unique clinical skills we have. So, blood pressure [tests], urine [tests] also palpating a pregnant women's abdomen, working out where the baby is lying, where the baby is, the size of the baby. Also, [we test] hearing, but also interpreting the baby's heartbeat as well.

Along with that, there are other skills like communication skills, autonomy as well, caring for women compassionately, empathically as well, and really having open and honest conversations with women and families.

I feel being a midwife is a well-rounded, practical and emotional job.

[It's] very, very rewarding.