Sheena - Physiotherapist, NHS Forth Valley

Sheena is a Physiotherapist working with patients in cardiac rehab.

Find out what led Sheena to become a Physiotherapist in NHSScotland and what she enjoys most about her job.

My name is Sheena Courtney and I'm a Physiotherapist, working in cardiac rehab.

I'm a rotational Physiotherapist, so I spend about 8 months in a different department, before moving on to the next.

So, we work with patients after they've had an event with their heart. It might have been a heart attack, they might have had surgery on their heart, they might even have had a heart transplant.

Patients typically come to our cardiac rehab for about 10 weeks. Often folk are quite nervous about exercising after having had a cardiac event, so we try and help patients exercise safely, so they might not be doing the stuff you and I would maybe do in the gym. We don't want them to be out of breath, bringing pon any chest pain symptoms or anything like that.

We have the exercise bikes here that we can help patients to use during the class or during a warm up or cool down. We've got the different weights as well. We've got steps, so patients can perform step ups and we also can check patient's blood pressures and check their heart rate as well, using a monitor.

When I was at high school, I didn't really know what I wanted to do for a career. I was really interested in biology and especially human anatomy, so Physiotherapy stuck out.

I did a bit of work experience while I was at school at a school for children with Cerebral palsy. I would go along there a couple of times a week and work along with the Physios there. It was amazing how rewarding working with these children - the improvements that they saw.

I think the patients that I work with here in cardiac rehab really motivate me. They really brighten your day. You can have a real laugh with them. We have a lot of fun in the classes and it's amazing to see how they improve over time.

You do get a lot of satisfaction leaving work if you've had a great day and patients have been improving and exercising well, or they've reached that goal, they've reached that target they set themselves.