Rohan, Health Economist, Healthcare Improvement Scotland

My name is Rohan Deogaonkar, I’m a health economist with Healthcare Improvement Scotland and I’ve been in the role for about a year and a half. Before joining Healthcare Improvement Scotland, I was at university working towards my PhD in Health Economics.

Why did you decide to become a health economist? 

I became a health economist because I was very interested in a career which combined my background and education in life sciences and clinical research with a growing personal interest in social policy. 

What does your role involve? 

A health economist advises on issues pertaining to resource allocation with healthcare. We provide answers to questions about the cost effectiveness of medicines, medical devices and many other services that are part of the NHS. 

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

What I like most about the job is just the range of projects I’ve had the opportunity to get involved in. There are new medicines, new diagnostic devices, surgical robots, clinical guidelines, so it’s an extremely versatile field and you can apply your skills to many different types of products. 

I think that Healthcare Improvement Scotland is an absolutely fantastic place to work. You’ve got several teams here with significant experience, who you can learn from. There’s the potential to develop your skills as an economist, or in any other role that you might be in. 

What advice would you give someone considering a career as a health economist? 

I think the best piece of advice I can give to someone interested in health economics is simply just to take the plunge. It is a very versatile discipline and you’re bound to find a topic that piques your interest!