Jonathan - Clinical Scientist

Jonathan is a clinical scientist. He uses test results and data from the labs to prepare reports for medical colleagues, so they can provide patients with information about their illness or condition.

Watch our video to learn more about Jonathan's role.

My name is Jonathan Grant. I'm a Clinical Scientist at the West of Scotland Genetics Department, based at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital here in Glasgow.

I would say my job is to predominantly analyse generated data from the laboratory to issue and authorise reports to healthcare professionals, such as Genetic Counsellors, Clinicians, Cardiologists, [to enable them] to provide patients with diagnostic, therapeutic and prognostic information and options.

In this job, I started by completing an undergraduate degree in Genetics at the University of Glasgow.

I should first of all say, I do have a passion for genetics first and foremost. Some would say it came from birth. I am an identical twin, so I've always been interested in genetics per se.

I was always interested in biology, so I completed a degree at the University of Glasgow in Genetics and subsequent to that, I completed a Masters in Medical Genetics, again, still interested in genetics and how this could impact on diagnosis for patients. To that endpoint, I completed a PhD, which led to a training programme in Liverpool Genetics Laboratory.

It was a 3-year training programme and I became a registered Clinical Scientist, which is where I am now, here in sunny Glasgow.

I did something very different. So, after... I became a trainee car rental manager. So, after I finished my university degree that I'd been studying for several years, I wanted to do something different and get out into the real world, get a proper 9 to 5 or 8 to 6 job. I did that for a year and a half, but it only really cemented the fact I really did want to come back to science and in particular, Genetics.

So, I would say it's no bad thing to go away, do something completely different and make sure you realise what you truly want to do.