Jodie, Modern Apprentice Healthcare Support Worker - NHS Grampian

Hi, I'm Jodie and I'm a Modern Apprentice Healthcare Support Worker in the NHS.

Tell us about your role.

In my role, I check blood pressures, pulse rates, temperatures, saturation levels, and test urine samples of pregnant women in the maternity hospital.

I'm part of a team and feel included in making decisions. I've made lifelong friends along the way and everyone is really friendly.

How did you find out about the modern apprenticeship opportunity?

I found out about the modern apprenticeship programme when I was at college doing a National Certificate in Childcare. I saw the advert on Facebook and emailed the recruitment team to find out more.

During the application process, I was asked to create a video about myself and give reasons why I wanted to apply to the programme.

Why did doing a modern apprenticeship appeal to you?

The apprenticeship appealed to me because I find it easier to learn at work, developing my clinical skills and knowledge. I've learned so much during the 2 years being on the programme. It's helped me personally by making me more independent and confident. This is something that I really struggled with growing up.

The college course is tailored to different things I'm learning at work. I organise my study time by working on college work and assessments at home after work, or on weekends.

I've always wanted to be a nurse or a midwife, so being on the programme is helping me to reach my career goal.

What's the best thing about your job?


The best thing about my job is that I'm able to learn from the women I care for. I'm able to create a bond with them and become someone that they are able to speak to and confide in. I've also made strong friendships with my colleagues we are a team where we are able to help and support each other.

What's the most important skill for your job?

Critical thinking is an important skill for my role. You might be surprised by this. It involves analysing the facts, evidence, and observations, in order to make the right decisions for the women I care for.

What's your advice to others thinking about doing a modern apprenticeship?

I'd encourage others to consider a modern apprenticeship programme, Like me, you might benefit from learning on the job.

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