Jennifer, Laundry Assistant, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Jennifer is a Laundry Assistant working for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

Watch the video below to find out what Jennifer's role entails and what she loves most about her job.

My name is Jennifer. I'm a Laundry Assistant in Hillington Industrial Estate and I work for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

I bring good communication skills, good social skills, time keeping skills and also practical skills, which are needed in the many different aspects of the laundry.

What I like about my work in here is the diversity in here. There's many different cultures and nationalities. It's great to learn about different cultures, about different countries, their lives. For example, Polish people celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. We find out many different things.

I feel my job as a Laundry Assistant is important as I don't feel the hospitals would be able to function properly without it. For example, if a patient is brought in to A & E without pyjamas, the pyjamas have already been laundered and sent to the Nursing staff, ready for the patient.

I enjoy working on one of the ironing folders. There's always a group of us instead of individually and we have a good laugh together. I feel that working with these people makes my day.