Jamie, senior pharmacy support worker

Jamie works in a clinical trials team as a senior pharmacy support worker. He says that the most important skills for his job are communication, attention to detail and time management.

Watch our video to find out more about Jamie's role and how he got started in the NHS.

My name’s Jamie Anderson and I’m a senior pharmacy support worker within the clinical trials team, and I work for the NHS.

I was attracted to working for the NHS, because it’s one of the biggest organisations in Scotland it would offer good scope for career progression.

When I started my career in a high street pharmacy, my ambition was always to work with the NHS. I made enquiries and was given a tour around the department to make sure it was where I wanted to be.

And, as chance would have it, there was a vacancy, which I applied for and I was successful.

My day-to-day role can vary on a daily basis. But primarily, I’m responsible for helping in the administration and maintenance of the clinical trials studies.

I work within a small team and the we work with groups outwith our department as well.

The skills most important for me to do my job well are good communication, because I work with different departments as well as my small team.

I need a good attention to detail, because it’s important that details on the studies are accurate, and I also need good self-management, because a lot of the time I’m working on my own and I need to manage my time well.

I enjoy my job and we have a very good team within pharmacy. It’s important for me to come to work, so I don’t let them down and also so I don’t let the patients down.

The NHS is a great place to work and if you want to pursue a career with the NHS, I would recommend using the information that’s available to you.

If you go through the application and the job description, all the information you need to give a good application will be there.

I’d also recommend getting in touch with the point of contact on the application, to get all the information you need.