James, Catering Assistant, NHS Lothian

James is a catering assistant working in an NHS hospital. In this video he tells us how he got started in the NHS and his future career goals.

My name’s James, I’m a catering assistant and I work for the NHS.

What attracted me to work in the NHS, is I heard it was a good organisation to work for and it was a different challenge for me.

I got started in the NHS when I found the vacancy online. I found it was a good opportunity for me to take the next step in my career.

Before I started working in the NHS, I was a youth worker at a youth club.

My day-to-day role is dishing out the patient meals and making sure the menus are correct.

The most important skills are communication with the chef to make sure the patient meals are ready on time and good teamwork all around.

What makes me keep coming back into work every day – it’s a great environment to work in and everyone gets on well to get the job done.

Career goals are learning new jobs throughout the department, then hoping to become a supervisor.

The advice I would give someone to work in the NHS. You’re very well supported, we work well as a team and it’s a great organisation to work for.