Francesca - orthotics technician, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Francesca is an orthotics technician, working at Gartnavel Hospital in Glasgow.

Watch our video to find out the skills and experience Francesca needs to work as anĀ Orthotics Technician, and how she manufactures insoles to meet specific patient needs.

My name is Francesca Muratore. I work as an Orthotics Technician, senior assistant in Gartnavel General [Hospital] in NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde.

So, I am a technician. I have been trained to assess the patient, fit and deliver compression hosiery.

The skills I need are manual skills and I need to know how to use hand tools. I need problem solving skills and computer skills, obviously.

I make insoles for the patient and the insoles stop the pain to the patient. With an insole, I can improve the life of the patient.

I like and enjoy work with the computer and also I like making something to help a patient and to make better their life.

I feel really proud to have something I made in my hands. I feel very proud of that.