Ellise, pre-registration trainee pharmacy technician, NHS Fife

Ellise is a pre-registration trainee pharmacy technician working in an NHS hospital. Watch our video to find out more about Ellise's role and how she got started in the NHS.

My name is Ellise Scott. I am a pre-registration trainee pharmacy technician and I work for the NHS.

I was attracted to working in the NHS, because I’m a very caring person and I like to give back where I can.

I got started in the NHS because I saw that there was a job vacancy in the pharmacy stores department a support worker.

I wanted to know a bit more about how medicines help people and when I started the job, there was various roles within it that allowed me to see the process from medicines getting ordered and delivered to the pharmacy, right up to the point where it was administered to the patient on the ward.

My day-to-day role is dependent on where I am. My job includes different rotations and at the moment I’m working in the aseptic unit. In the aseptic unit we make up intravenous antibiotics and chemotherapy to be administered to patients.

Another part of my job is that I am responsible for maintain stock and making sure that expiry checks are done and also making sure the drugs are sent up to the wards correctly, ready for administration to patients.

There are many skills required for my job. There are actually a set of standards required for a pharmacy professional. So, a few of these would include being able to communicate effectively to be able to do the job accurately and within this you need to be able to work as a team, but also show leadership to make sure the job is getting done effectively.

The things I like most about my job is that when I come in every day, I’m working with a great team, no matter where I am in the pharmacy department and we all work together to make sure patients are getting the best care possible.

Advice that I would give someone thinking about a career in the NHS, is if they are a caring and passionate person and wanting to help improve the lives of others, then the NHS is the perfect place for them.