Elle - Business and Administration Modern Apprentice, NHS Borders

My name is Elle. I’ve worked as the Business and Administration Modern Apprentice in the HR department at NHS Borders for over a year now.

How did you first hear about the apprenticeship?

I was just looking for anything really, and when I was told that this was coming up, I just thought I would try, and I got it.

How has this helped you? How will it benefit your future career?

It’s definitely given me a lot more confidence, and I’m getting a qualification at the end of it as well.

I work across the 3 different teams in Human Resources. These are the Employee Relations, Recruitment and Medical Staffing teams. I’m learning a lot about the employment process within the NHS. I think it’s given me a lot of experience, which I can take forward into whatever I want to do next.

Tell us about a typical week.

Every morning and lunchtime, I pick up the mail from the mailroom. I sort that and give it to the correct people.

On a Monday and Tuesday, I work in the employee relations team. I answer the phones and transfer them to the correct people. I then type up statements and do filing work. I also do a lot of eESS input, which is one of the self-service systems for employees.

On Wednesday and Thursday, I work as part of the Recruitment team. We now have our new recruitment website up and running. I’ve been really hands-on with that. I follow the recruitment process from advert straight through to interviews and selection, and the person starting in the job. I have to make sure there’s a lot of communication between the managers, especially because it is so new, we’re helping them and guiding them with what they need to do next.

On a Friday, I help with Medical Staffing and whatever needs to be done. That could be filing, or if there are any recruitment events coming up, I help create packs for them.

What do you wish you knew before you started your apprenticeship?

I wish I’d known more about it, I kind of just jumped straight in, but I wish I’d known more about Modern Apprenticeships when I was at school. It’s a good thought that at least you’re earning and getting a qualification at the end.

What is the most rewarding thing about your job?

Getting feedback that I have helped someone who was stuck or confused regarding the new system and that my advice has helped them. While completing coursework for my Modern Apprenticeship I have spoken to a lot of my colleagues to find out more about the different aspects of the organisation and people’s roles. This has given me more of an understanding of what services we provide.

What advice would you give anyone who is thinking of applying for an apprenticeship?

I definitely think it’s a good way to start and to get your foot on in the door, as well as learn the basics about an organisation. You get employment, experience and a qualification at the end.

What are your future career plans?

I really like the recruitment side of my job, so I’d like to try further that and work my way up and learn the system more.