Amy, Healthcare Support Worker, NHS Lothian

Amy is a healthcare support worker modern apprentice, working in the Physio at Home team in NHS Lothian. Watch our video to find out more about the role, the key skills needed for the job and what Amy's future career ambitions are.

My name’s Amy Finlayson. I work as a band 3 healthcare support worker in Physio at Home in NHS Lothian.  

I was attracted to working in the NHS, specifically in my role, because it encompassed all the things I really enjoyed at school and it gave me an opportunity to put everything I knew about that into practice in a way that was going to help people. 

So, I applied to do a Modern Apprenticeship in Physio at Home and that’s what I’m still doing just now.  

My role is 50 percent admin and 50 percent clinical. So, in the morning, I will answer emails, I will put on referrals, I’ll chance things about on waiting lists. Also, I run the phone service for Physio at Home. So, for a couple of hours every morning, I’ll answer the phone and signpost to different services, or update referrers and things. Following on from that, more in the afternoon, I’ll more on to my clinical side of things. So, I’ll go out to see patients that are on my caseload. I might do double visits with people and do notes and equipment provision and things like that as well.  

So, the skills that I feel are most important. One of the main ones is communication. You’re communicating on a daily basis with many different people, whether it’s health professionals, patients, their families, and it’s really important to understand how other people communicate and learn, and take information in. 

People skills is a really big thing as well, because you’re going in to see people usually after some kind of trauma, a fall, something that’s really quite a scary experience and they’re quite vulnerable. So, you need to be able to build that relationship with them.  

So, I hope eventually to become a registered physiotherapist. At the moment, I’m doing an HNC in Applied Sciences. Once I’ve got that, it can lead on to the HND. Hopefully, that HND would help me get into degree courses, but depending on how I do the HNC, and because of the qualifications I’ve already got, I might already have a chance of being apply to apply for one of the degree courses.