Aidan, Business Administration Modern Apprentice, NHS Grampian

My name’s Aidan. I’m a business and administration modern apprentice based in learning and development. I started my role in December 2020, so I’ve only been working in the NHS for a short time.

How did you first hear about the apprenticeship? 

heard about the apprenticeship with the NHS through Developing the Young Workforce Moray. I also saw it posted on Skills Development Scotland Moray’s Facebook page. 

Why did you decide to do this particular apprenticeship? 

I did a HNC in Business at college, so I thought this was the best next step for me, since I wanted to get some work experience. This was also an opportunity to work and learn because I’m doing my SVQ in Business Administration at the same time. 

How has this apprenticeship helped you? How will it benefit your future career goals? 

I want to do any kind of work or qualifications that will help me gain experience so that I can develop to suit my career goals. I believe that working for the NHS will give me the platform to get to the next level. 

Describe a typical day  

A typical day in my role would include answering employee emails from colleagues across NHS Grampian. I could be helping them with a lot of different requests. In the moments when we’re less busy, I might also work on my SVQ business administration. 

What are the most important skills for you to do your job well? 

Great communication skills are very important for my job, especially since I’m working from home at the moment. I’ve got to be able to keep in touch with my colleagues through email and on Microsoft Teams, so being able to talk to people using different channels is a great skill to have.  

I believe that the ability to work independently is important right now, because I’m not working in an office with my team. You have to be able to self-motivate to keep going while working from home. 

How do you organise your time between work and study? 

Each week I get two hours of allocated study time, so that’s when I get my college work done. However, if we’re a little less busy on some days, I try to fit in extra time to work on my qualification, so that I can get it completed as soon as possible. 

Is there anything you wish you knew about the apprenticeship before you started it? 

The application part of the process was pretty clear, so I knew what I was getting into before starting my apprenticeship.  

The only thing I think I wish I’d have known is about COVID, but that’s ever changing so there was no way to include that! 

What do you like most about your role? 

What I like most about my job is that everything we do is helping the community or the workforce. In this job you feel the benefit of helping people to do their work.  

Working together as part of a team is also really great. I’m part of a great team who are all working together to achieve the same goal. 

What parts of your job do you find the most challenging? 

There aren’t really many parts of the role that I find challenging. I believe I’m well suited to the work I’m doing and have adapted to the role since I started. 

What advice would you give to others thinking about applying for an apprenticeship with the NHS? 

In terms of advice, I think I’d say that you have to really want it. These apprenticeships are quite competitive. You should apply because you really want it, not just because your mum and dad say it’s really good 

I’d also say don’t give up. I was initially unsuccessful for this job and now I’m doing it. You have to keep trying and you’ll eventually get there. 

What are your future career plans? 

Eventually, I’m hoping to go into the business side of football, so I’m currently working as a sports coach as well as doing a Modern Apprenticeship. I believe that the skills I’ll gain from this job, alongside my other experiences, will help me get there.