Top 10 tips for your online interview with NHSScotland

Congratulations on being offered an online interview with NHSScotland!  

You’re likely excited that you’re one step closer to your new role, but you might also be a bit nervous about the online interview. 

In this blog post, you’ll learn 10 tips to prepare you for your online interview with NHSScotland. 

Tip 1: Find a suitable space

When you receive the email inviting you to an online interview, you’ll also be provided with:

  • details of the technology you’ll need to use
  • guidance for testing the accessibility of the technology

You should now choose your interview space, so you can prepare. Try to find a location in your home that:

  • makes you feel comfortable
  • has good lighting
  • preferably has a blank wall, so that you are in focus

Tip 2: Test the technology

Testing your technology is the next important step. Make sure that you:

  • complete the accessibility test, emailing your recruitment team in plenty of time if there are any problems
  • test your webcam, microphone and internet connectivity

Tip 3: Review your application

Look again at the job description, person specification and your application answers.

Remember, you’ve been chosen because your application answers met the criteria, so you’ve done some great work already.

Consider how you might expand on examples you’ve given in your application or offer additional examples that highlight the required skills, knowledge and experience.

Tip 4: Prepare your answers

To prepare, you should review your application and make sure you know how you fit the job criteria.

It could be helpful to look at NHSScotland’s values. Think about how you might use these values in your work.

You might also want to view our transferable skills video. Use the video to remind yourself what skills you can bring to your new role.

You could also learn more by reading our post on how to prepare for your interview with NHSScotland.

Tip 5: Write brief interview notes

If you make some brief notes, you can use them during your interview. However, make sure that you’re:

  • not relying on your notes
  • not letting the notes obscure the interviewer’s view of you
  • keeping a natural tone, so you don’t sound scripted
  • looking into the webcam and not at your notes

At this point, you might also want to consider questions you could ask at the end of the interview.

For more information on tips 3 and 4, look at our post on how to prepare for your NHSScotland interview.

Tip 6: Practice by recording yourself

To practice, try recording yourself answering questions on your webcam. Review your recordings, checking to see if you’re happy with your:

  • interview location
  • webcam and microphone
  • eye contact with the camera
  • interview response

Watching yourself on camera might feel awkward and uncomfortable at first, but you’ll get used to it. It’ll help make you more relaxed at the interview.

Tip 7: Wear appropriate clothes

What you wear is another important part of the online interview. Plan your clothing in advance, so you don’t need to worry about it later. Consider wearing the same clothes you’d wear to an in-person interview.

Tip 8: Test your technology again

On the morning of the interview, make sure you:

  • test your technology
  • arrange your interview space
  • place your notes where you can see them
  • make sure to pause any downloads or data syncs
  • close any unnecessary programmes
  • switch off any distracting notifications on your computer
  • turn off other devices in the room

Tip 9: Take your time

During the interview, take your time to consider each question before responding. Ask if you need any question repeated.

Do not worry if your software experiences issues or there are connectivity problems. Your interviewer will understand that these are problems outside of your control.

Tip 10: Be yourself

Remember, you’ve been invited to interview because they liked your application and want to know more about you and your skills, knowledge and experience.


Congratulations again on getting to interview with NHSScotland.

Make sure you prepare for your online interview by:

  • finding an appropriate space
  • testing your technology multiple times
  • preparing your answers
  • deciding on appropriate clothing
  • making yourself feel relaxed, comfortable and confident

Good luck!