#NoWrongPath 2021

If you’re receiving your SQA exam results, we’re here to offer inspiration and reassurance.  

No matter what results you’ve achieved, there’s a huge range of roles in the NHS to match your skills, interests, or qualifications. 

We’re going to show you that there’s no wrong path to success! 

Explore our careers

The NHS offers a huge range of job roles. Learn more about them by exploring our careers. Take the decision to make a difference today. Find the right career for you in NHSScotland.

Transferable skills

Are you unsure about how to tell us you have the right skills for a job?

Are you worried that you don’t have relevant skills for the role you want?

At NHSScotland, we know that you have lots of relevant transferable skills. These are skills that you’ve built up through:

  • school
  • hobbies and leisure activities
  • volunteering
  • work

Find out how to write about all your skills by reading our transferable skills blog post.

Our core values

When you’re applying to work with NHSScotland, you’ll need to know about our core values. These are the values we aim to work by every day. They are:

  • care and compassion
  • dignity and respect
  • openness, honesty and responsibility
  • quality and teamwork

It’s likely you’ll be asked about our values and how you’ve lived them in the past so that we know you’ll be able to do the same in the NHS.

Read about our core values and how to show them during your application process by checking out our NHSScotland core values blog post.

Routes into NHSScotland

Whether you’re interested in a clinical or non-clinical role, there are lots of ways you can start working in the NHS. You might like to consider a Modern Apprenticeship or maybe you’ll go to college or university.

If you want to know about the paths you could take or you’re trying to decide which route is for you, get started by checking out these 8 routes into an NHS role.

For some routes, you’ll be able to apply for a role by looking at our current NHSScotland vacancies.


Regardless of your exam results, you can find a path to career success at NHSScotland.

Make sure that you:

  • recognise all your transferable skills
  • know the range of routes available to you
  • can explain how you live our core values

Still feeling unsure about your career options? Find out what our colleagues say about their own paths to finding a role in the NHS in their career stories.

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