How to prepare for your interview with NHSScotland

Have you been asked to interview with NHSScotland? Congratulations!

Your interview is a chance to tell us more about the skills, knowledge, and experience that you described in your application. 

This blog post will provide you with steps to prepare for your NHSScotland interview.  

Step 1: Prepare

Soon after you receive your invitation to interview, reread the job description, person specification, and your application answers.

Remember, you’ve been selected for an interview because your application answers met the criteria. That means you’ve done some great work already!

Use the information you’ve given in your application to start thinking about how you’d answer interview questions. You should:

  • expand on examples you’ve given in your application
  • consider additional examples that highlight the required skills, knowledge, and experience

At this point, you should watch our transferable skills video. It will remind you of all the great skills you’ll bring to your new role.

It will also be helpful to look at NHSScotland’s values. Consider how you’ve shown these values in the past and how you could use them in your future role.

Online interviews

Due to the pandemic, we've been conducting lots of interviews online. If you've been invited to attend an online interview, you should also read our top 10 tips for your online interview with NHSScotland.

Step 2: Practice

Now you’ve reviewed all the information, it’s time to practice as often as you can. You might want to write brief notes on how you’d answer different kinds of questions.

Ask a career adviser, supportive friend, or relative to do a mock interview with you and offer feedback. Saying your answers out loud and without notes will improve your confidence.

If you’d rather work on your own, you could record yourself answering questions. Listening back to your answers will help you to improve.

Make sure you also practice your tone and body language. Try your best to have a relaxed and confident tone. You should also make regular eye contact with the person or people interviewing you.

Step 3: Plan

A few days before the interview choose an outfit. You’ll want to dress appropriately for an interview setting. You should also consider how you’re going to travel to the interview location when planning your clothing. Keep the Scottish weather in mind!

Now might also be a good time to plan your journey, so that on the day you know exactly where you’re going. Aim to arrive early to give yourself plenty of time in case of traffic or transport delays.

Recently, we’ve been conducting interviews online. If you’ve been invited to an online interview, read our blog post on our top 10 tips to prepare for your online interview with NHSScotland.

Step 4: Presentation

At the interview, listen carefully to each question before you respond. If you’re unsure about the question, feel free to:

  • take a moment to think
  • ask for clarification
  • ask for the question to be repeated

We want to make sure you feel comfortable and perform at your best.

Remember all the preparation and practice you’ve done. When answering your questions, try to smile and make eye contact with your interviewer. This body language will make you appear relaxed and confident.

Finally, be yourself! You’ve come this far because your application suited the role for which you’re applying. This is your chance to show you have what it takes to do the job.


Congratulations again on being invited to interview with NHSScotland. Follow these 4 steps to feel ready for an interview:

  • Prepare, review and expand on your application materials
  • Practice your answers and body language
  • Plan what you’ll wear and how you’ll get there
  • Present yourself with confidence, take your time, and be yourself

Good luck!