Careers in Healthcare S2 E3 Pride Month: Brynley, Project Officer

Brynley works as a project officer in NHSScotland. He applied for the role through the Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living Professional Careers Programme.


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Brynley took an unusual route to his current role. After graduating with a PhD in Astrophysics, Brynley decided to focus on improving his soft skills, so he started a podcast around science communication for LGBTQ+ scientists.

They were also diagnosed with myopic degeneration, an eye condition that had him evaluating his relationship with disability. It was then that he heard about the Glasgow Centre of Inclusive Living programme, which aims to address the disability employment gap in the NHS in Scotland. Brynley thought it would be worth a try and was successful in gaining a place on the programme!

Brynley's experience with NHSScotland

Now Brynley does all sorts of work as a project officer. He might be working on diversity and inclusion, accessibility, or performance monitoring. Brynley explains his aim is always to continue adding more and more arrows to their quiver. He also says the NHS is the perfect place to do that.

Brynley's lived experience definitely impacts how he does his work. He says that it’s actually quite useful to have personally experienced how barriers can creep into the workplace and impact health, safety and performance. Brynley says these issues affect so many people and it helps that he truly understands them, so he can bring his sense of empathy to the role.

Top skills for becoming a project officer

The top skills for being a project officer are communication, teamwork and self-determination. Brynley says he needs to be able to talk with everyone, make sure he is a great team player, and organise his own time effectively and efficiently.

Brynley talks about all the great work he's been doing to create events for LGBTQ+ colleagues. He helped connect his Health Board’s LGBTQ+ network with another Board’s network, so they can host a huge range of events for Pride Month. Brynley speaks about hosting or attending virtual quizzes, bingo, and a disco.

The best thing about being a project officer for Brynley is that he isn't sitting at a desk all day doing work alone. Brynley’s also speaking with his team and other colleagues and working on self-directed learning. Right now, he is taking a short course on project management. He says that there’s a lot of choice in how you can develop as a project officer. NHSScotland advocates staff training to help you to develop and bring new skills to your role.

Brynley's advice for you

For LGBTQ+ people considering where they might like to work or thinking about starting to apply for jobs, Brynley suggests that you be yourself. Your difference is your strength when it comes to the workplace. Find an organisation that will help support and celebrate you for who you are. You’ll be able to do great things there!

If you’re interested in becoming a project officer, Brynley suggests finding a passion and a way to develop a project or piece of work around that passion. That’ll give you a lot of the skills and experience you need to be a successful project officer.

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