Careers in Healthcare Podcast S1: Healthcare Science

S1 E1 Claire: Embryology practitioner

Clare’s an embryologist. In this podcast episode, she talks about her incredible work helping patients have children.

S1 E2 Lynsey: Cardiac physiologist

Lynsey’s a cardiac physiologist. She came to chat to us about how much she loves her job helping save the lives of babies with heart conditions.

S1 E3 Claire: Biomedical scientist

In this podcast episode, Claire tells us that biomedical science is not just about test tubes, Bunsen burners, and a chance to wear a lab coat!

S1 S4 Anna: Biomedical scientist

In this podcast episode, Anna explains how she became a biomedical scientist and how you can do it too!

S1 S5 Rabia: Trainee biomedical scientist

Rabia is a trainee biomedical scientist. Rabia has nearly completed her general portfolio, which means she'll soon be able to register as a biomedical scientist.

S1 S6 Gavin: Medical technical officer

After finishing his career as a professional footballer, Gavin returned to his love of science. He’s now working as a medical technical officer.

S1 S7 Kate: Medical physicist

In this episode of the Careers in Healthcare podcast, Kate tells us how she's put her school Physics lessons to good use to help patients.

S1 S8 Lynne: Sleep physiologist

In this podcast episode, Lynne tells us why we should be excited about sleep physiology!

S1 S9 Andy: Bioengineer

Andy’s been a bioengineer for nearly 10 years. In this podcast episode, he tells us what it takes to be a bioengineer and how you can be one too.

S1 S10 Laura: Anatomical pathology technologist

Laura’s an anatomical pathology technologist (APT), which means that she cares for the deceased in the mortuary.