#NoWrongPath 2021

If you’re receiving your SQA exam results, we’re here to offer inspiration and reassurance.

What are NHSScotland’s core values?

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through each of our core values to help you when applying for a job in NHSScotland.

8 routes you could take into an NHS role

Do you want to work in the NHS in Scotland, but you’re not sure where to start? Let’s explore 8 possible routes you could take to working in the NHS.

Pride Month : Thomas, Junior Doctor

Thomas is a junior doctor working in acute medicine. In this episode, he talks to us about his career journey.

Pride Month : Marie, Consultant Pathologist

Marie’s a consultant pathologist. That means she looks at skin tissue samples through a microscope to discover a patient’s diagnosis.

Pride Month : Brynley, Project Officer

Brynley works as a project officer in NHSScotland. He applied for the role through the Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living Professional Careers Programme.

Pride Month : Robin Communications Officer

Robin’s advice to LGBTQ+ people planning their future careers is that your lived experience is something that adds to what you bring to a role.

Pride Month : Lubna, Assistant Psychologist

Lubna is an assistant psychologist. In this episode, she talks about her life and career as an LGBTQ+ woman of colour working in NHSScotland.

Meet the Expert: healthcare support workers Johanna and Michael

Learn about the career journeys of healthcare support workers Johanna and Michael from their My World of Work Meet the Expert session.

Top 10 tips for your online interview with NHSScotland

Read our top 10 tips to help you prepare for an NHSScotland online interview.

How to prepare for your interview with NHSScotland

Follow these 4 simple steps to prepare for your interview with NHSScotland.

Meet the Expert: public health intelligence principal Garth

Learn about the career journey of public health intelligence principal Garth, as he speaks at My World of Work Live Meet the Expert.

Meet the Expert: podiatrist Hannah and dietitian Scot

Learn about the career journeys of podiatrist Hannah and dietitian Scot, as they speak at My World of Work Live Meet the Expert.

Meet the Expert: clinical biochemist James and bioengineer Andy

Learn about the career journeys of biochemist James and bioengineer Andy, as they speak at My World of Work Live Meet the Expert.

How to write about transferable skills for your NHSScotland job application

NHSScotland is recruiting now and you have the skills we need!

Claire : embryologist

Clare’s an embryologist. In this podcast episode, she talks about her incredible work helping patients have children.

Lynsey : cardiac physiologist

Lynsey’s a cardiac physiologist. She came to chat to us about how much she loves her job helping save the lives of babies with heart conditions.

Claire : biomedical scientist

In this podcast episode, Claire tells us that biomedical science is not just about test tubes, Bunsen burners, and a chance to wear a lab coat!

Anna : biomedical scientist

In this podcast episode, Anna explains how she became a biomedical scientist and how you can do it too!

Rabia : trainee biomedical scientist

Rabia is a trainee biomedical scientist. Rabia has nearly completed her general portfolio, which means she'll soon be able to register as a biomedical scientist.

Kate : medical physicist

In this episode of the Careers in Healthcare podcast, Kate tells us how she's put her school Physics lessons to good use to help patients.

Gavin : medical technical officer

After finishing his career as a professional footballer, Gavin returned to his love of science. He’s now working as a medical technical officer.

Lynne : sleep physiologist

In this podcast episode, Lynne tells us why we should be excited about sleep physiology!

Andy : bioengineer

Andy’s been a bioengineer for nearly 10 years. In this podcast episode, he tells us what it takes to be a bioengineer and how you can be one too.

Laura : anatomical pathology technologist

Laura’s an anatomical pathology technologist (APT), which means that she cares for the deceased in the mortuary.