Teachers and careers advisers have an important role in ensuring students and clients have access to information about careers in NHSScotland which is Scotland's largest employer.

Careers advice

We have developed this website to provide current and relevant information about the many different careers available in the NHS in Scotland. Throughout the NHSScotland Careers website, you'll find a range of resources to help you offer careers advice to young people.

The wide variety of roles we have available are listed in the explore our careers section of this website. Our job profiles are grouped by job family and provide information for over a hundred different careers in NHSScotland. You will also find useful links to vacancies and careers information for all of our boards as well as links to professional bodies in this section.

Real-life stories

We have also included videos and comments from colleagues currently working in NHSScotland to give real-life insight into the excellent work they do.